Pioneer Minutes                                    4-7-11
Income- $3,042.64 + $100 donation from People Helping People of Edinburg
Expense- $2,139.53
Vote on changing the time of the Charter Meetings from 5:00 to 6:00 to 5:30 to 6:00.        Yeah                  Nay
                                          17                      0
Vote on Niki’s request for $400 to apply for the 501C3 (If we pay $400, we will not have to pay taxes again)  Yeah       Nay
                                                                      17           0
Vote on sending flyers out for Kindergarten Registration.
Yeah                Nay
17                     0
The Farm expenses last year were $30. This year we have the donated money for the farm. This year we will make a bigger garden for $50 and use the rest of the money toward workshops.
Workshop Ideas
Potato Plants- Painted Rocks-Stick with a Plant Name for the Garden-Scrapbook-Butterfly Garden-Willow Tree Branch Brooms-Cooking with Herbs
The Syrup Farm gave us a donation of syrup since we were not able to go.
Ideas for Syrup Use
Pancake Social-Syrup/Ice Cream Social-Craft- Syrup Recipe- Hot Camping Breakfast- Distribute Between the Teams