Pioneer Girlz Minutes                                        6-3-10
Nominations for Board- President- Jessyca Mumaw
Vice Preident- Dylan Freborg
                                      Treasurer- Hannah Klein
                                      Secratary- Grace Klein
(These board members have a one year term)
Vote for motions when saying motto
Winner-Sign language letter “P”
Talked about the IRS (tax)
Sentsy Candle fundraiser is 7-23-10 from 6:00-8:00. It will take place at Cathy Klein’s house
Pioneer Girlz will have a both at Southeast Family Fun Day on 6-5-10
For more information on “Pioneer Farm” call Nicki. There will also be an E-mail sent out about it too.
Aventually, Pioneer Girlz will wear pins on their uniform.
Maybe we will add fun badges.
We may also appoint commities such as a fundraising commitie
We will have an Annual Meeting every June 6th from 5:00-6:00
At the meetings, voting will not take place if the majorady of the group is not present
At the beging of every meeting, sing in on a Sign-In sheet
                                     Published by Grace Klein