Pioneer Minutes                         12-2-10
Ideas for badge name:
-Health and body: Fitness, Nutrition, Cleanliness, Wellness
-Family: Family & Gatherings, Social
-Travel: Exploration=new name
-Children: Rascals=new name
-Garden/barn: On the Range, Prairie
-Arts and Crafts: Creativity
Pioneer Girlz made $2,950.64.
Our expense is $2,083.63.
Each team has their own web page at One girl from each team can take over the web page.
Fundraising Options- Pampered Chef, Dunk’n Donuts Coffee
Tanya Brink is the fundraising chair person. If you have any questions or ideas about fundraising contact her.
Currently, the Pioneer Girlz year runs from June to May. We may make it run from January to December.
Hear are some possibilities for different comities for Pioneer Girlz- Outing, Fundraising, Farm, Craft Show
Upcoming Events:
-April 23rd is West Branch Clean-Up
-April 16th is the Food Scavenger Hunt
-May 14th is a Fording Ceremony
-Sometime in February is Bring a Friend Day
- May 21st is first planting day
- May 30th is the Memorial Day Parade
- September 10th is the Harvesting Ceremony