February Meeting Minutes 2013

­­February 7th 2013 charter member meeting


Nicki Freborg  

Marjorie Moore  

Tanya Brink  

Debbie Wargo  

Robin Brink  

Trinity Brink  

Dylan Freborg  

Amy Wargo  

Trisha Moore  

Laura Wargo


We welcomed our new charter member Marjorie Moore and then got right in to business

We said the pledge of allegiance and our promise.

And then we discussed events that will go on through the year

Derrick reed  is performing a CPR training for the pioneer girlz it will be 5 dollars a person But only 10 people can go.

This event will go on some time in February.

Then we discussed other events in March.

We might be going to Hale Farm either March 16th-17th or the 23rd of March the cost is 10 dollars a person.

Then we discussed a new PGZ group.

There will be a new PGZ group forming in Youngstown Ohio the will be meeting at this address 169 Euclid boulevard

Then we discussed fundraisers

Our ideas were Spaghetti dinner, A breakfast meal, candles, soup dinner, chili dinner, and spring plant bulbs.

We chose spring plant bulbs we will get 50% of the profit off the plant bulbs.

Then our meeting was adjourned

And we will be meeting March 7th for our next charter member meeting.



Trisha Moore & Amy Wargo