Pioneer Girlz Minutes                           7-7-11
Current Issues
Q: When are we doing the self-defense class?
A: During the Workshop on Thursday, August 11 from 6:00 to 7:00.
Current Events
-Saturday, July 16, Pioneer Girlz will be going to the Tower Tour at the West Branch Dam starting at 6:30.
-The Best Dam Bike Ride is at The West Branch Dam on Sunday, July 31.
-September 30 through October 1 will be a camping trip to Camp Carl.
  • At Next weeks workshops we will be making ice cream.
  • The next week after that we will be making a seashell craft.
Fundraising Ideas
-Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee
-Yankee Candle
-Yard Sale
-Restaurants (Apple Bee’s, Bob Evans)
-Bake Sale
-Candy Bars
Note- You are able to do individual fundraising by yourself. Get permission from Nicki and your parent to start.
Suggested Activities 
West Branch Dam
-Rescue Raptor on July 9
-Fun with Bugs on August 30
Other Topics 
-Craft Committee needs to find dates for:
-The Annual Happy Day Craft Show
  • Maple Wood Craft Show
  • Edinburg Craft Bazar 
  • Next Charter Meeting we will vote on where the profit of the craft shows. Your choices are:
  • To the people who show up to work the show
  • Pioneer Girlz Funds
  • Tommy Freborg donated $30 so PGZ could put an add in the Palmyra Church Newsleter.