Tenderfoot        Grades Kindergarten - 2 

A delicate person that is inexperienced.


Half~Pints        Grades 3-5 

     A nickname given to the famous author Laura Ingalls when she was a small child.


Prospectors        Grades 6-8

A person in search of something in an area.


Trail Guides       Grades 9-12 

   A person that leads the way for the younger and inexperienced. 

Our Photo Album... 

2010 Pictures

2011  Pictures

Tin Can Punching

 with the Mustangs

Winter 2011

 Buffalo Galz

Pin Cushions

February 2011


with the Blue-Belles

January 2011


 Crocheting and Sewing

Winter 2011

Half-Pints Sewing for

the Homestead Badge

Trip to Stitch n Tyme to learn embroidery

April 2011

 Buffalo Galz Crafts

April 2011

Camp Carl

May 2011


Edinburg Memorial Day Parade 2011 




Board of Directors 2011

President Robin Brink, Vice President Trisha Moore, Treasurer Hannah Klein, Secretary Grace Klein

 Newton Falls Library

Seed to Table Event

June 2011



Fun in the Pioneerz Farm

Summer 2011 

 Hooked on Hummingbirds

July 2011


Harvest Ceremony at Camp Carl

October 2011


 Randolph Fair Booth

August 2011