March 7, 2013

We got a new charter member Angel Turner

Skill workshop is an idea we have to teach girls new crafts every 3 months or so we have an idea to make our own sock monkey.

All leaders are required to have a back ground check.  The police department will do it for $15 a person or we could go on line for it.

The library is having a seed exchange we could donate seeds and decorate our own seed packet.

On April 29 we will now if we are getting a rototiller to help with the garden they are more than $300.

April 20 is the west branch cleanup

There is a grant workshop if you want to know how to find a grant

Wedding tables are $20 in June at the school parking lot (southeast lions)

CPR from Dereck Reed is $5 now he needs a couple more months so we could always go online and get it for $20.