Pioneer Girlz Minutes                               5-5-11
-Pioneer Girlz got a donation of fabric
-Nicki put together orientation packets for people that want to start Pioneer Girlz explaining Pioneer Girlz. These are some ideas that we might include in the packet that explain: The structure, fees, program, pledge, what PGZ is about, website, meeting info, PGZ background, goals, ratios, permission slips, levels, and liabilities.
-On the PGZ website you personally have your own account to withdraw money with a withdraw slip,
-We might plant farm on May 21st. The substitute date is May 28th.
- The Memorial Day Parade is on May 30th at 9:00am. Wear your PGZ shirt if you have one. Everyone has to wear red, white, and blue. Do not bring any pets. We will pass out plants and seeds.
-Annual nomination for board members coming up.
-Next Charter Member Meeting at church but the July and August meetings are at The PGZ Farm.
-June 4th Seed to Table Booth at Newton Falls Library.
-PGZ Farm Workshops are Mondays and Thursdays starting June 6th from 6:00pm 7:00pm. No Workshops on July 4th or 7th.
-There will be a PGZ Fair Booth.
-Charter Meeting at Nicki’s House on June 7th.
-Harvest Ceremony is September 10th.