PGZ Minutes    10-6-11
-If someone registers in the middle of the PGZ year, they have to pay $1 extra every month until January.
  • Our President Robin Brink and her family invite all Charter Members to Mays Farm in Randolph on September 9th at 11:00 am. If you say you are under the “Brink Party” and you will get in for $5. That includes a Pie Size Pumpkin, a Hayride and the maze.
  • There is a craft show and chili dinner at the Palmyra Fire Department held by the Palmyra Fireflies. It is October 22. The craft show runs from 10am to 4 pm and the chili dinner runs from 11am to 4pm   
Question: How should we price at the craft show so the profits are equal?
Answer: With colored stickers that are different colors for the different teams.
  • The Clementines will wear their scarves while they sell them. We will charge $5 per scarf.
  • We will donate 10% of our profit to a family who has had an accident in the community.
  • If you make your own stuff for the craft show you can give the profits to whoever or whatever you wish.
Yankee Candle ? (probably not)
Yummies Bakery in Rootstown <- Before Christmas

 Website News
-At the top heading is new tabs for On Hands, On the Frontier, and Onward soldier. There are 100’s of links under them.

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