With the guidance of God, we will value...

Loyalty~ faithfulness to commitments or obligations.

Honesty~ truthfulness, sincerity, or frankness.

Integrity~ adherence to moral and ethical principles.



  The Program


Our year of fun is divided by the seasons.  In the summer, the girlz will focus on farming.  The fall, we will focus on canning, preserving, and storage for our harvest.  The winter, as we are somewhat stuck indoors, we will work on our sewing, crocheting, cooking, and games.  Come spring, time to tap those sugar Maple Trees. 


The girlz will meet in a group setting 2 times a month.  Outings are typicaly once a month.  The Program Year runs from January through December. 

 Since we spend much of our summer in the garden, we feel that November and December should be time spent with family.

  We do not meet during those months. 


Simple pin program that consists of 4 levels by grade...

    Tenderfoot        Grades Kindergarten - 2 

    A delicate person that is inexperienced.


    Half~Pints        Grades 3-5 

         A nickname given to the famous author Laura Ingalls when she was a small child.


    Prospectors        Grades 6-8

    A person in search of something in an area


    Trail Guides       Grades 9-12 

       A person that leads the way for the younger and inexperienced. 


  •              Each level is broken into smaller groups called "Teams".

Leaders are called "Settlers".


There are 8 pins per level that focus on...

(8 pie shapes come together in the shape of a wagon wheel)


  • God
  • Homestead
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Fit as a Fiddle
  • On the Range
  • Lil' Rascals
  • Explorer
  • Family and Gatherings


Keep track of your pin work

by downloading the badge journal for each level... 

          Tenderfoot   grades k-2      

    Half-Pints  grades 3-5

     Prospectors  grades 6-8 

   Trail Guides   grades 9-12



To earn each pin, there are 3 requirements...

 On-Hands, On-the Frontier, and On-ward Soldier.

(Click hereto view ideas for each level and each badge)