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  Pin Requirements

To earn each pin, there are 3 requirements...

 On-Hands, On-the Frontier, and

On-ward Soldier.

(Click the following links to view ideas for each level and each pin)

On-Hands   (at meeting place)

On the Frontier   (outings)

Onward Soldier   (2 hours of service work)


 Coloring Pages

Pioneer Life


The Outpost 

As Pioneer Girlz, it is important to learn the value of a dollar.  Our teams offer "The Outpost" at least every couple of months during meeting times.  The Outpost is a store made up of donated items from family, friends, and the girlz themselves.  The items can consist of anything... Happy Meal toys, soaps, handmade items, books, used items.

The Girlz earn "Greenbacks" to purchase these items by helping out during the meetings without being asked, doing homework that has been given, bringing their field bag to meetings, or inviting a friend to a meeting (this one goes over real well, and is also a recruitment tool.) 

 Below is a file that can be printed on green cardstock paper.  Have Fun!






Keep in mind, Our year of fun is divided by the seasons.  In the summer, the girlz will focus on farming.  The fall, we will focus on canning, preserving, and storage for our harvest. November and December are set aside for family, we will not meet during those months. The winter, as we are somewhat stuck indoors, we will work on our sewing, crocheting, cooking, and games.  Come spring, time to tap those Sugar Maple Trees. 


Fording Ceremony 

 This ceremony is held as a team event in the spring as the kids reach the completion of their teams level.  The purpose of this ceremony is to "ford the river", and reach the next level.  At this ceremony, the girls will receive their next wagon wheel badge and pewter pin for that level.

The Harvest Ceremony

 This ceremony is held in the fall as a district event.  At this ceremony, the girls will receive the accumulated earned pins and awards up to that point.